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Billet Dous' Journal

3rd October, 2006. 12:18 pm.(miss_soap)

Hello? Is this dead then?

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3rd May, 2006. 11:48 pm.(glitchdrei)

Sorry for reposting - I deleted my last post as I thought I'd got confused, but actually I'd just got double confused (don't ask).

So seeing as the parcel has wandered off, who's up for starting again and adding a 'please send by recorded delivery' rule to the community? Just because people aren't always in when the postman tries to deliver a parcel and it's more likely it'll get lost in a sorting office somewhere otherwise...

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27th October, 2005. 9:50 am. Yay!(ladymoonray)

I received the parcel today, and it was so lovely to have something to open, without knowing for sure what it was. Thank you Suzy for having the idea, and the person before me for sending it on.

I haven't decided what to keep yet, so I'll be doing another post in the next few days. I just had to say how excited I was :)

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13th October, 2005. 10:16 am.(princesssulky)

I'm glad the parcel has been located & wasn't lost or forgotten. :)

To prevent confusion in the future, can we please all make sure that, if unforseen happenings prevent you posting the parcel to the next person on the list within a reasonable amount of time (I'd say a week, really) PLEASE write a quick one-sentence post in this community letting people know it arrived safely & you'll be posting it on soon. Nobody is going to despise you for not being able to post it on as quickly as you would have liked, so long as we know it hasn't gone astray & that some rogue of a postman isn't parading up and down the streets in our lipgloss & necklaces.

Also, when you post the parcel on, can you name the person it's going to, so they know to expect it.

If you have lost the next person's name & address, please email me & I will re-send it. :)



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12th October, 2005. 11:58 pm. Where is the Parcel?(princesssulky)

Could someone let me know where the parcel is, please?

The last I heard it was with blonde_venus and being sent to jezebel_z.

Am worried it's been lost or forgotten.

Thanks. :)

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12th October, 2005. 7:33 pm. :)(urbanevangelist)

What's happening with the old parcel these days?

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30th August, 2005. 2:34 pm.(jezebel_z)

Just a quick check, but blonde_venus - have you posted the parcel on yet? It may have ended up at my old place, as I've just moved (again...), so if it has I'll need to get it posted from there. If you need my new address, drop me an email - it's on my info page. Thanks x.

*grumbles apologetically about nonstatic addresses*

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9th August, 2005. 10:11 am. Whither The Parcel?(princesssulky)

Hullo people - just a quick update asking where the parcel is at the moment.

I *think* that rainbowskye was choosing what to take/replace from the parcel before sending it on to the next person, the last I heard.

rainbowskye - have you chosen yet? I am desperate to know what you chose!

You have no idea how excited I get about this parcel & wondering who is chosing what. :) I am so glad I started this community, as it was something I had been thinking about for aaages beforehand. The suspense is killing me every time the next person receives it, though! ;)

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29th July, 2005. 10:13 am. Parcel List:(princesssulky)

Good morning, ladies!

As far as I know, the parcel is with rainbowskye who will be sending it to the next person on the list, blonde_venus. :-)

Since I last posted The List, some new members have joined, so now the full list is as follows (in order people joined & therefore in which they will receive the parcel of fabulousness):

The ListCollapse )

I still need some people's address details. medusa & needler, can I ask you a favour? Please could you post the below list of people I need to hear from on your own journals (those who are on your friends lists) as I don't think all of them have joined the community yet, so they probably wont see this post. Thank you. :-)

Could the following gals please send me their full name, address & mention their lj usernames (so I know which address belongs to which member ;-) ) asap? Email details to: princesssulky@adrian421.demon.co.uk Apologies if you have emailed before, but I have just double-checked my inbox and don't have details for any of you. Watch out regularly for announcements on the community if you haven't added the community to your friends list. Thank you! :-D

~ kixie
~ seren
~ vagabonds
~ tashaa

I have Zazz's address details, but don't know her lj username! Can anyone let me know what it is? [sorted that out, now ;-)]

I have already started buying things to put in the parcel when it eventually makes it way back to me (which is aaaages away, but I'm still excited, so couldn't wait. ;-) )

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13th July, 2005. 7:23 pm.(medusa)

Sorry for the delay but The Parcel is now all sorted and will be sent off tomorrow to the lovely Joolz! :)

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