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Billet Dous
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This community has been set up for the purpose of sending a parcel of lovely things to the gals on my f-list.

How exciting is it to get an exciting package sent to you, rather than the normal dreary bills, junk-mail & flyers for pizza delivery companies?!

It's an idea where people send a parcel to eachother, taking out items they like & replacing them with the same number of items before sending it out to the next person. It's sometimes called a 'karma care package', the Karma coming from the fact that it involves an amount of trust (that people wont just get the parcel and run off with all the goodies) and that, eventually, that the parcel will return again to you, full of NEW shiny things! Hurrah!

I don't like the name 'Karma Care Package', so haave called it the Billet Dous (Love Letter). Even though it isn't a letter and isn't necessarily filled with 'love'. :-)

It will *orginally* only be open to those who submitted their information on my LiveJournal post, asking if people were interested in signing up.

The way it works is as follows:

1) I shall buy/make 6 small gifts and place them in a parcel, along with a little letter, some sweeties and other cute surprises. This will be sent to person A on the list (of people who expressed their desire to join by filling in the info on my LiveJournal post).

2) Person A gets parcel of lovely things, squeals with delight, chooses between 0-6 of those things to keep and replaces the same amount they took. Therefore, if they take 3 things, they must replace these with 3 other things they have purchased/made. The total number of gifts in the parcel must always be 6.

3) Person A re-wraps parcel, adding their own letter along with the gifts they have replaced, and sends it to Person B. They will have been emailed Person B's postal address details when they joined the community.

4) Person A posts in the community to say they have received the parcel, names the items they chose to keep & hopefully posts a picture of those items (so the person who included them/made them can be all happy & bouncy that their items were chosen). In this post they must also say when they are sending out the parcel to the next person.

4) Person B gets parcel of lovely things, chooses between 0-6 of those things...... etc, etc.... sends to Person C. And so on. :-)


~ Parcel MUST be sent by Recorded Delivery, so that it has to be signed for. This is to try & lessen the possibility it will get lost in the post, and so that we'll have proof it was sent/received.

~ Please try to keep items *small* to ensure the weight of the parcel isn't prohibitively expensive to post.

~ Wrap items *carefully* using bubblewrap etc if likely to get crushed or broken in the post. Not nice if you get the parcel only to find everything is a pile of mush & fragments. :-(

~ NO used makeup! Icky.

~ NO expensive items - we don't want a parcel of diamond necklaces & Tiffany bracelets flomping around post office sort rooms all over the country. An exaggeration, but you know what I mean. ;-) I'll specify a limit of £5 per item you buy/cost of materials if you made it. This *doesn't* mean you have to spend £5 on each item! It's just an upper limit. :-)

~ NO vitamins/herbal supplements/pills of any kind. Or drugs; but you'd kind of hope that would go without saying! ;-p

~ NO books (unless very small), DVD's or other items which will weigh the parcel down.

~ NO perishable goods (other than wrapped sweets). Mouldy, melted items not nice to receive... ;-p

~ NO CD's, not even mix CD's. I had an idea for setting up a community in the future in which people make mix CD's of their favourite tunes & send them out, but this is NOT that community. :-)

~ If you are moving house or going away for a long time - PLEASE email me asap to let me know, so we can re-arrange your place on the list and/or update your address details.


~ Cute things! Unusual things! Lipgloss! Other fabulous makeup! Jewellery! Accessories! Stuff you have made!

~ Try to think of nice things you would like to get in your parcel, and add that kind of thing. :-)

~ Items don't have to be new (as in, if you find something adorable in a charity shop, that's fine) but DO NOT use the parcel as a dumping ground for old tat you have laying around the house. This isn't fair for people who have spent time making things or buying things. :-)

~ Feel free to add some business cards if you have them - also add sweeties (wrapped), stickers & other tiny items if you wish, but please note these should be counted as FREE, and NOT a suitable replacement for item(s) you have taken. :-)

Your full name & postal address will NOT be given out to *anyone* except the person before you on the list, who will be sending the parcel to you.

This community is currently only open to people based in the UK. This is to make it fair, so postage costs are similar for eveyone, and some people don't get lumbered with sending the parcel at great(er) expense abroad. Sorry. :-/

This community is also only open to females on my friend's list. The reasons for this are:

- I think some ladies may not be entirely happy with random males having their home address. Call me sexist if you wish, call it unfair, call it what you like, buster, I have made up my mind and this IS the way it will be. If you are infuriated with this, I suggest you go and start your own damn community replicating this idea with the males on your friends list. Don't come whinging to me! ;-p

- I am not thrilled with idea of hundreds of strangers signing up in the hope of getting Free Stuff(tm) with no intention of sending the parcel on. Call me cynical, call me what you like... in fact, SEE ABOVE and go and start your own bloody community. ;-p

- I may accept nominations from ladies on my friends list who wish to suggest females on their own friends list that they think are fabulous & trustworthy people who would love to join in. Just not yet. I want to keep this within my own friends list *for now*, but can see a time when I will allow people to make nominations on behalf of their friends to join. When this time comes, I shall post about it in the community, and you may submit those friends' details in the same way you submitted yours.

Have fun!